Weight Loss Wednesday- Pulling in the Reigns

*edit- I wrote this last night, and this morning, the scale FINALLY is down 2 pounds! Woohoo! So tightening the reigns and keeping up with everything is finally working after several weeks!*

Ok, so using my bodybugg has been eye opening. Some days, when I’m stuck at my desk all day and come home to crash on the couch, my calorie burn count can be very low. Its amazing to see and learn.

However, calorie counting is not really working out for me. I am measuring stuff and counting calories, but I think its leaving me too much leeway and I’m not seeing results. As much as I don’t want to get back on a super-strict diet…I think its the only way I will be able to lose weight. I’m at a standstill right now.

So I’m sticking out this week being really on top of my calorie counting, but I think that next week I’m going to try doing a strict thing similar to my MRC I was previously on. I think I need the structure and the constraints to see results. I am maintaining just fine (which is good, but I don’t want to maintain here, I want to maintain at 10-20 pounds less!). So I am going to really pull in the reigns on my food intake.

I will be eating like this: very similar to MRC, but with a little more leeway.

Breakfast: a protein and a carb (turkey lunch meat and toast, pb and apple, egg burrito)
Lunch: veggie, fruit, protein
Snack: dairy
Dinner: protein, veggie, light carb. Gotta watch the pasta, stuffing, rice. Carbs are my weakness.

Ya’ll enough excuses. Gotta do it. If I can do this for 3-4 months, I think I can really pull off this last bit of weight I’m dealing with. I have just been too lax-a-daisy with it. The only way its gonna work is if I’m hard core. So here goes.

Current status: 20 pounds to lose.

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