Weight Loss Wednesday

I know several bloggers do a weight loss Wednesday post…and well, I am joining in today!

My weight loss journey started in September with MRC…and is still ongoing. In theory, I could have lost all my weight by now…but that would have left me being super strict and never having an off day. And I just can’t operate like that.

I have lost 44 pounds and want to lose 20-25 more. I am really going to buckle down and finish this “diet” phase and move on to stabilization and maintenance because, honestly, I am sick of dieting.

Its been six months now…and I’m just over it. But I feel like I got a swift kick in the pants to buckle down for some reason.

The other I was bored at home and feeling bummed that my 40+ pounds took so much work to lose and some days I hardly notice it. So I went through pictures on Facebook and compared them. WOW! I can’t wait to get these last 20 pounds off and see my new self!
Amazing what a little hard work will do! Back to the daily grind of measuring foods and watching every bite. It will pay off soon.


  1. You look so great! I wish I could do it!!!

  2. keep it up girl! you look incredible!

  3. hang in there girl!! i am so proud and encouraged by you!! i’m inspired to do a weightloss wednesday too!! šŸ™‚ check it out http://jamieandkacee.blogspot.com

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