Weight Loss Wednesday

Ok ya’ll. I am totally in the game this time.

Last week I got in a great tool that I am so excited about! I got a BodyBugg!

It is a calorie counter that you wear on your arm. It uses special sensors to track things like my skin temperature, sweat levels and more to tell me how many calories I’m burning! Then I can be much more accurate with my calorie counting!

So far so good! It has told me that on an average (non-gym) day, I burn around 2400 calories. That info is SO useful. Before, I was estimating 1800 (based on some various websites) so I was eating 1200 calories a day to have a 600 calorie deficit. However, knowing how many calories I burn, I can adjust my calorie intake for the day. So I am trying to have a 500-700 calorie deficit daily, so as the day goes on, I can see if I am on track for a 2400 day or not. If I am, then I can eat 1600-1800 calories. If not, I cut back and eat light. Its so nice to see this! I haven’t really seen any results yet as I just got it in Friday…but I am excited to see how this goes!

Current status: 20 pounds to lose. Let’s go.

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