Weight Loss Wednesday

I FINALLY have some good news to share on WLW!

I lost 2.5 pounds! Woohoo!

I have just been really watching what I’m eating, putting in more fruits and veggies, and amped up my workout just a bit. I added in one walk/run earlier this week…and I might go after work today if my shin splints aren’t hurting too bad (transitioning back to walking/running on concrete on the walking trails will make my shin splints hurt for a few days).

I will have a bit of a challenge this weekend as I go home (read: BBQ and my favorite Mexican place). But I’m determined to keep this up!

I want to give all the glory to God for this weight loss. I don’t care if that sounds crazy to you, but I have been praying for will power and clarity when it comes to making decisions with food. I really think I was being held captive by food and making choices about it…it, at times, consumed me. And I’ve been praying and reading through my Beth Moore ‘Breaking Free’ study about breaking out of your captivity into freedom in Christ. So…God gets all the glory for this victory, even if it is small.

So….17.5 pounds to go!


  1. Way to go girl! Every lb. lost is a victory the Lord should get glory for in my book! It’s hard work and most day’s (EVERY day) I can’t do it without strength from Him. Keep it up! =)

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