What are the advantages of Zumba?

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Another question I was asked online are “What are the advantages of Zumba?” so I wanted to cover that one today.
There are so many advantages to taking Zumba.  Here are just a few.
Increased fitness level. Because Zumba is an aerobic activity, it will help increase your stamina, endurance, and overall fitness levels.
Stress relief. There are many articles online about the advantages of dance on reducing your stress.  Not only is dancing fun, but it is hard to think about anything stressful when you dance because you are focusing on the movement. One of my favorite articles is this one about salsa dancing.  Salsa is one of the four basic rhythms in Zumba. 
Lowering cholesterol. Any regular exercise, including Zumba, has the potential to lower your overall cholesterol, usually by raising your HDL, or good cholesterol. Normal HDL levels are 40 or above.  My HDL from regular Zumba is 63! You WANT your HDL to be a higher number because a good HDL level will decrease your risk of heart disease.
Healthier bones! Zumba’s high intensity and jumpy moves will actually make your bones stronger. Seriously. There was a study that found women who jumped 50 times a day saw significant retention of bone mass because each jump creates an impact to the bone, causing it to actually become stronger with each jump. I can guarantee we jump 50 times in each Zumba class! 
Making friends. While you can come to Zumba alone and never meet anyone, that would be quite difficult. There is so much happiness and good vibes in the room, that people are just friendly. I would bet that you would make some friends inyour Zumba class.
Some of my great Zumba friends!
Learn another language! Ok, so many Zumba songs are international. And many of the moves go along with the songs…so while you are learning dances, you are also learning languages! I have learned so many Spanish words taking Zumba (I studied German in school…so Spanish is new to me!) I have learned left/right, up/down, slow/fast, and many other words and phrases just from coming to Zumba.
Can you think of any other advantages of Zumba? Let me know!

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