What do you do in Zumba? Zumba 101

Going to answer another Zumba question I get a lot….What do you do in Zumba?
If you have ever seen the Zumba infomercial, you got a pretty good idea of what we do in Zumba….have a blast dancing to awesome music! However, I have to admit, in a Zumba class, we don’t have that TV magic, so we look a little more rough and a lot less glamorous!
In Zumba, you just follow along to an instructor (either in person, on a DVD, or in a video game) and dance along.  There are no steps to learn, no fancy dances.  Just simple following along.  I tell people if you can learn the Macarena, you can do Zumba.
Here is a funny photo I saw on Pinterest about what people think we do in Zumba.

Of course, that last photo is correct.  Zumba is not dancing on a bar, not clowning, not a cult, not dancing monkeys, not Britney Spears. It is just people dancing and having a great time, while burning tons of calories and getting fit! And that is what you do in Zumba!


  1. I need to find a Zumba class near me! We used to live in Searcy and I’d go there but we moved to Little Rock and I need to find a Zumba class to attend! P.S. Your blog is so cute and I’m your newest follower!

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