What do you wear to Zumba?

One lady online asked me what to wear to her first Zumba class.  She was intimidated by all the Zumbawearing folks in the infomercial. 

I have talked before about Zumba fashion, but fear not: you do not have to wear Zumbawear to a Zumba class.  So what do you wear to Zumba?
Well, I would start with comfort.  I have had people come to class in jeans (what?!) but I would suggest that some comfortable shorts or capris would be best. Why not pants? Well, I have seen lots of people actually trip on their pants. If your pants are long enough to go under your shoes, you can actually slip on your pants while dancing. So I recommend shorts or capris…or pants that don’t touch the ground.
Next on top. A t-shirt or tank is fine. I have some folks who are self-conscious about their arm jiggle (I have it to…let it hang out!) so they wear long sleeves. If you can stand the heat, that is ok. But really, any top works.  Just be conscious of the length of the top if you don’t want your belly showing.  Now, I really don’t care if people in class show a little tummy (even if it isn’t toned) but some people keep tugging at their shirt. In Zumba, you will likely raise your arms high above your head, so if you are worried about it, make sure your shirt is long enough for that.
Ladies: wear a good sports bra. I usually wear two.  One like this with a clasp in back, then a regular one on top to keep it all together.  You will be bouncing, jumping and shimmying…and you want to keep the girls in place. 
The most important thing to wear to Zumba are proper shoes. They should be supportive but have minimal tread.  I wrote about the best shoes to wear to Zumbahere. Check it out.
So, you don’t have to dress like a crazy Zumba freak…just come in comfy clothes ready to shake it! 
Here is a pic from a birthday at the morning Zumba class at my gym.  See?  They are just wearing comfy workout clothes!
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  1. I zumba’d in short and a t-shirt and was sweating like a hog!

    I overheat really easily and usually work out in just shorts and a sports bra. A lot of gyms have policies against that :/ I don’t think it’s “sexy” when I’m all red in the face and panting like a crazy person but I understand why they don’t want that in the gym. So I work out at home!

    • Yeah you get pretty hot and sweaty fast. It really depends on the person, though. I sweat like crazy..but I have people who come to class in pants and a long sleeve t and barely sweat. It’s nuts!

  2. Kim – i sweat like crazy too everytime i Zumba!! I always come out with my shirt drenched!! it makes me feel like i worked out really hard though and pushed myself!!
    and i have to say that the shoes are the most important…do not wear running shoes or Nike Shox! doesn’t work!! totally gave me shin splints for like 2 weeks!!

    • Zumba is coming out with some clothing that is “sweat activated” so a new design shows up when you get sweaty! How neat, huh? And yeah…the shoes are SUPER important!

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