What Happens When Your Blog Disappears

Hopefully, you NEVER have this happen to you.  But it happened to me…and I have heard of several others who encountered this problem recently.  For whatever reason, your blog can disappear. Basically, Google decides your blog is spammy or violates their terms of service (even though you may not be doing ANYTHING wrong) and they take your blog away. It’s scary stuff.

You can read about my experience here….and also, before it happens to you, remember to back up your blog regularly.

But what to do if your blog disappears? Like, not listed in your Dashboard….as in, seems like it never existed.

Well, this is what I did.

First, go through this checklist to make sure nothing else wonky happened.

Next, submit a request here to get your blog back. Previous posts on similar issues say to leave your name, blog URL, and a request for help.  I worded mine something like “My blog disappeared. Please help!” and included that it was missing in my dashboard unexpectedly.

This is another forum where you can post for help.

Here is some info on why this happens.

And here are some answers to how long you can expect to get it back.

It is scary when this happens, but that is the risk you take with Blogger hosting. If you hosted your blog independently on your own domain, it wouldn’t just disappear.  But Google can flag your blog for spam or violation of terms and take down your blog without notice.  If this happens to you, just post for help and it should be taken down (unless you were spamming people…and if you were -shame on you! haha).

I hope this helps! 🙂


  1. I totally just went and backed up my blog thanks for this!!!

  2. I need to back mine up again.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Ours now redirects you to our very own domain! 🙂

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