What I Do Explained

What I Do Explained

Most of you know I work as a writer of some sort.  But I get lots of questions about “What exactly do you do?”  So I’m going to explain it for you.  Bear with me, it can get muddy. 🙂 (The general thoughts I get when I tell people what I do will be in italics, so I can follow your though process)

I work as a writer, or content creator, in the digital marketing department of U-Pack, a moving service.

So what do you DO?

I spend most of my days doing research and writing.

That’s it?  What do you write about?

Great question! I write about anything moving related.  See, some days I write about budget trailer rental, some days I write about moving your pets, some days I write moving-related stuff, like home decor or holiday decorating, or Halloween costumes you can make from your moving boxes.

Why do you write all this stuff?

Most of our business comes to us online, so I write content so that you can find us!  If you were moving in a month, you would likely turn to Google and start asking questions. “What is the cheapest way to move my one bedroom apartment” or “moving container rental” or “what do I need to rent a U-Haul?”  Well….I write to answer all those questions (and more!) on our company blog…so that when you search those questions, you find answers!

Do you like to write? Doesn’t that get boring?

There are days when writing is tough.  Ever heard of writer’s block?  It happens.  But on those days, I have research to do (to figure out what questions people want answered), or I can work on some behind the scenes things, like editing or posting pages.  But for the most part, I love writing every day.  I’ve always said I’m a words girl…so this job allows me to do that all the time.

Interesting.  Who knew real people actually write the stuff I read on Google.

Yup.  Someone had to write it.  That someone is me! 🙂



  1. oh ok. i’ve always wondered what you job entailed. that’s neat and i give you props, i get writer’s block waaay too often…

  2. I just might hire you to write my blog for me… ugh. *wink* Can you say “far, far behind?” I don’t know how you do it… I’m just not as creative as you are! I love you and I love your cool job… and man, do I have an intersting story to tell you. God is doing some cool things, my fab friend! <3

  3. I didn’t know you were an ABFer! so is my mama!

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