What I Learned On a Ride Along with My Husband

What I Learned On a Ride Along with My Husband

A couple weekends ago, I spent the Saturday in the passenger seat of a police car on my first ride along. It was interesting to see how his day goes, how he handles himself, and to watch him in action.

I learned a few things that day.

For starters, I learned that my husband is brave. For the most part, the day was mundane- traffic stops, typical calls…but there were two instances where he walked into potentially dangerous situations without hesitation. One was a building that was abandoned and found to be open- so they needed to go in and make sure nothing was going on inside.  He and a partner drew their weapons and flashlights and went in.  I stayed in the car, and watched him walk into an unknown situation without fear.

Another call came in that reported a man with a gun in a park. It turned out to be a false call, but I watched my husband turn the car around to go find a man with a gun without hesitation.

And while it was scary, it made me confident in him. He has been well trained, he knows what he is doing, and he is confident doing it. That gives me peace.

I also found out my husband is kind. So many times he offered grace to people, which made me so proud. He gave warnings when he could have given tickets. He offered advice to people when he could have been harsh. He was kind- which the world needs more of.

I also learned that he is perfectly suited for this job.  Between the gifts and talents that God has given him, and the training he has received, this is a great fit. I know there was a time not long ago when he was applying for this job that I prayed against it. I was scared. I didn’t want it for him, for us. But seeing it now, I can’t imagine him doing anything else. I wouldn’t want him anywhere but where God wants him – and I can clearly see that this is that place for him now.

I enjoyed riding with him and I can go once a month. So for a while, that’s the only way I can spend a Saturday with my husband. And there are worse things to do than watching your husband do his thing and being proud of him.

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