What I’m Loving Wednesday: Random Edition

I have lots going on this week, so I’m having a random edition WILW.

I’m loving…that Gram’s surgery went well! We won’t know for about a week if the surgery produces significant change, because she has to heal a bit before improvements can begin. Please keep praying that we see improvements.  There is a 20% chance that the surgery won’t do anything for her, but my God doesn’t gamble! 🙂 She isn’t on any pain meds because they don’t want them clouding her mind (they want to be able to notice cognitive changes) so pray for no pain as well.  Thanks for the prayers, y’all!

I’m loving…the massage/facial I got Monday after work! I went to a new place called the Spa Fort Smith. I got a great deal on the services from a newspaper half-price deal…but I would have paid full price for it.  They were amazing.  If you are local- check them out.  They are in the sold Serenity Spa space across from Bedford’s-ish on Rogers.

I’m loving…our new stuff.  Last week, we got a new (to us) recliner from Tyler’s grandpa.  This week, Tyler’s dad is selling his house and downsizing.  Tyler helped him move Monday.  We got several new things.  We got a big, nice air compressor (which is great for airing up tires, and such), a nice smoker/grill (woohoo!), and a huge stand-up freezer.  Did I mention the freezer comes with all the beef his dad had?  Well it does.  That, friends is a whole side of beef (a half a cow!). 

Tyler’s dad takes one from his herd and butchers it every year.  Half goes to the church food bank and half goes in his freezer.  We are never buying beef again.   There is almost 100 pounds of ground beef alone….plus many roasts, briskets, steaks and more!

I’m loving… the rain we got.  We were entering drought mode and then we got a good 3-4 inches at our house from Saturday to Monday night.  I snapped this pic of the beloved rain while at a stop light (it had just turned green as I snapped this pic!).

I’m loving… that Miss Arkansas is this week! My best friend, Alden, and I love to go and this will be our 3rd or 4th year to trek to the pageant together.  We are going Friday night and Saturday night.  I have a few friends competing, so it is excited to watch and cheer for your friends!  Our weekend will consist of dressing up and being girly, watching the pageant, laying out, and eating yummy food.  Can’t wait!

I’m loving…the no scale thing.  I am sticking to my plan really well…but I love not worrying about getting on the scale.  I just hope this hard work pays off when I weigh on the 1st!

What are you loving today?


  1. I’m dying for a massage and facial. SO jealous!

  2. So glad to hear your Gram’s surgery went well, and I will continue praying and keep her on our church prayer chain! I love your quote “My God doesn’t gamble!” Yes! I also know that He was 100% holding her hand during the surgery!

    Happy Wednesday!

    • Happy Wednesday to you! Thank you for the prayers! She is having a good day today! Helped in sitting up (for the first time in over a week…where before they had to pull to up in her bed, today she helped them a bit!) Progress is answered prayers!

  3. Ah yes I’d take a massage, seriously! Loving the rain here too *whew* it’s getting bad around here!

    • We have a rain gauge at our house to measure rainfall and I was beginning to think maybe we didn’t need it. It has been fun to check out how much we got at our house every day…but I think it will be dry for a while again… 🙁

  4. “no scale” is really something I should do… it’s a bad obsession now every morning.

    have a great week!

  5. massage! ahh

    visit nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    have a good night!

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