What I’m Loving (and not loving) Wednesday!

I am loving… that I WON AN IPOD SHUFFLE!  I participated in a Twitter contest for a local FroYo place…and I won! 🙂  I will go pick it up today! 

I’m loving….that I am getting the hang of calorie counting.  Yesterday, I planned out all my food and THEN put my calories in my app on my phone.  And I was right on the money with my calorie count.  I might just be a victor in this calorie counting battle.

I’m loving… that we are going home for Easter!  Dyeing eggs, BBQ, and church with the whole fam! 

I’m loving…my new Zumba schedule!  I am down to 5 classes a week instead of 7.  I teach TTH 4:45 and 5:35 (dropped the 6:30), and W at 6:30.  That means two days a week, I am home an hour earlier!  I thought that would result in me having more energy to get some stuff done (both chores and fun stuff)….but….

I’m NOT loving…that last night when I came home, I did what I always do (even without an extra hour workout).  I ate dinner, and fell asleep on the couch.  Maybe after a week or so of recouping I’ll feel like myself again.  All my bloodwork was fine, the Dr. just thought I was doing too much.  So I cut back.  Hoping it solves my exhaustion in the evenings.  I want a life (and a clean house) again!

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