What I’m Loving Wednesday: iPhone Edition

This week, I’m loving some fun stuff!  Here is a recap from my phone!
I‘m loving…. this CUTE necklace I got on eBay!  Ever since I bought the bubble necklace online, I’ve been scoping out some online jewelry boutiques on ebay.  I just start searching for something (found this beauty with “bib necklace”….I’m bidding on one that I found searching for “anthropologie necklace”) 
I got this for $8.78 with FREE shipping.  Free shipping has got to be one of my favorite phrases. 🙂
I’m loving….that in 37 days we go to NYC!  We are a bit bummed, though.  The main reason we were going was so my mom could see Ghost on Broadway.  However, we got an email yesterday that the show is closing in 2 weeks.  Boo.  So we are trying to find another musical to go to.  Newsies, The Book of Mormom, The Lion King, and Once are in the running.  I’m going to spend my lunch break watching vids of The Book of Mormon and Once to see which one we want to see.
I’m loving…that the Olympics start Friday!  I am SUCH an Olympics junkie.  I have the apps on my phone ready to go.  One has news coverage and a schedule, and one has live videos so I can watch all the time!  My coworker Christina knows how pumped I am, and she let me borrow her Time magazine that was all about the Olympics.  Hello Ryan Lochte… 🙂
What are you loving today?
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  1. Visiting from the link up…I live 45 minutes from NYC and saw The Lion King on Broadway in April…it’s so great! One of the best shows I have ever seen. If you choose that, you will not be disappointed. Hopefully you have a wonderful time on your trip!


    • Thank you! We decided to wait and see Lion King next summer when it tours close to us….and we got 5th row seats to Newsies! Eeek! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I’m counting down the hours until the Olympics!! Cannot wait! I’m a Michael Phelps girl…but I’m cool with Lochte being silver. 🙂

    Boo about Ghost closing! Any musical you go to will be great though. Is it your first time in NYC?

    Visiting from WILW!


    • Not my first time in the Big Apple…but my husband’s. He was afraid he wouldn’t like it, so we are going over Labor Day for a short trip. Yay for Olympic fever! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That’s such a cute necklace. I never think to look for jewelry on Ebay.

    I love the Olympics, too, and can’t wait until Friday!

    Love the blog!


  4. I live near NYC and I heard Once is amazing. Have a great time! You’ll get in a lot of exercise walking the streets of the city.
    Ps….beautiful necklace by the way!

    • I think I would enjoy Once, but I’m not sure my husband would. His requirements for a musical are funny or high energy…and I don’t think Once fits the bill. :/ But we did get tickets to Newsies, so I think he’ll like it! Thanks for stopping by!

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