What I’m Loving Wednesday

A quick WILW post!

I’m loving….
My new mantra! This post it has been on my work computer since we moved a couple weeks ago. I totally believe it! I love making small steps toward a bigger goal!
I’m loving….
This band-aid.  See, Tyler and I had a health screening at work this morning.  Simple.  Blood pressure, height, weight, and one vial of blood for some tests.  Because we both did it, we are saving $200 on our insurance premiums this next year!  I’m loving saving money!
This is sorta vain, but I don’t care.  I’m loving…
My new headshot for the company blog!  Our photographer/graphic designer Devin took pictures of our team, and I couldn’t love mine more!  Thanks for the glamour shot, Dev! 🙂
I’m loving…
These sweet comments on FB from my Zumba students!  Makes me so happy!
Happy Wednesday! 🙂


  1. That is an awesome headshot-you are beautiful!

  2. The head shot is really gorgeous! It’s ok to be a little vain 😉 I see I’m not the only one with sticky note mantras on my monitor.

    Great post!


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