What I’m Loving Wednesday

I am loving some random things this week.
I’m loving…TJ Maxx!  I went to TJ Maxx when I was home in Hot Springs and got some REALLY cute stuff!  I spent $200 but I got 3 pairs of pants, a sweater and 5 shirts!  Not bad for all that stuff!
I’m loving… these shorts from Old Navy.  When I was shopping with Rachael, I saw these and bought them without trying them on.  
They are a GREAT fit, a good length, and super comfy (hello drawstring…no muffin top!)  I ordered another pair in another color.  I have trouble finding shorts and these are gonna be my faves all summa long. 
I’m loving…my new job!  Some of my blog posts should be posted soon, I’ll share them when they are posted (the blog is here).  I am loving my coworkers, the actual work, and pretty much everything about it!  God is so good!
PS.  I work for a moving company, so if you ever need to move…let me know!  I’ll hook you up!


  1. Girl, I’m needing to take myself to our local TJ Maxx. Sometimes it’s a hit and miss at ours but I do love going.


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