What I’m Loving Wednesday…Free Stuff Edition!

I don’t know why I’ve never blogged about this…because its the easiest way ever to earn free stuff!  
Its MyPoints.com! MyPoints.com is an easy way to earn free stuff by doing the things you already do online….reading emails, searching, and shopping!
With MyPoints, you sign up (for free), fill out a little questionnaire about yourself, and then the fun begins!  They will send you emails (mostly advertising…but some coupons and special offers).  When you open and read the email, they will usually give you 5 points.  If you do something on the site (like buy a product or print a coupon) they will give you additional points.  You can download a search bar for your browser and when you do your searches on the MyPoints search bar, you get points.  Also, you can shop through MyPoints.  If I’m wanting to do online shopping from Old Navy, I go to MyPoints first, then click through to Old Navy, and then I earn points for every dollar spent.  These points add up and when you get about 1500 points, you can redeem the points for gift cards!
I LOVE getting restaurant gift cards to sort of nicer places that we wouldn’t go because the meal is a bit pricier than our normal meals out (like Outback).  Or, I get gift cards to places like Chilis so we can eat a meal out for cheap.  Or…my FAVORITE use of these gift cards, is cards for Barnes and Noble.com so I can buy books for my Nook for free!
Mypoints has gift cards for just about every retailer you could think of – everything from restaurants, gas stations, clothing, to hotels and travel. You can even donate your points to charitable organizations like the Red Cross! And it really doesn’t take much time to rack up the 7,000 or so points needed for a $50 card (only 1500-1600 points for a $10 card).
I have been a member of MyPoints since November 2009 (so 2 years), and I have earned a lifetime of 17,975 points and have redeemed them for over $90 of gift cards!  That’s $90 of free money that I didn’t have to go out of my way to earn…I just did stuff that I usually do online!

Another perk is you can print coupons for stuff through MyPoints.  Coupons for everyday items at the grocery store or Walmart.  Like $.50 off Pillsbury, or $1 off cereal and so on.  When you redeem these coupons in store, you also earn points!  Points for everything!  So if you are a couponer, you win here too!
So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for MyPoints today!  You can always opt-out if you don’t like it…but I promise once you realize all you have to do is read some emails, do some searches, and shop online to earn free money…you will LOVE it!
You can sign up through this link.


  1. I am going to check this out immediately! I am generally so wary of stuff like this – but this seems so perfect! I can’t wait to try – thank you so much for the rec!

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