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If you have ventured at all around the Zumba website wondering how do you become a Zumba instructor, you will encounter information about the Zumba Instructor Network, or ZIN.  I’m sure you are wondering what is the Zumba Instructor Network? What is ZIN?

There are many perks to belonging to ZIN. Let me explain.

*You must first be licensed as a Zumba instructor in order to join ZIN.  At this time, it is $30 a month to belong to ZIN.  I am a ZIN member.*

Discounts!  As a ZIN member, you get discounts on Zumbawear, Zumba products (like the video games), and also discounts for trainings.  Additional trainings are half price to ZIN members.

Exclusive events!  Many events (and even some trainings) are exclusive only to ZIN members.  These include things like the Zumba conference each year, ZIN JAMS (choreography sessions hosted by Zumba Jammers), and many more.  Also, last year, because I was a ZIN, I was invited to do Zumba at the Tulsa Shock WNBA Half-time Show!  It was great fun!  I got this opportunity only because I was ZIN!

With a couple other local instrcutors

At the Tulsa Shock game at the BOK center!

Performing on the court at half-time!

Zumba JAMS!  ZIN members have the opportunity to get choreography training from Zumba Jammers.  Zumba Jammers are other ZINS that Zumba has specified as great choreographers and instructors.  Jammers host 3-4 hour JAM sessions where you can learn new choreography and tips for teaching. Zumba JAM sessions are only open to ZIN members.

In the white pants and grey top is Zumba Jammer Stephanie Milstead.  She came and did a Master Class and JAM here in Fort Smith!  This is some of our local instructors!

Music and DVD!  As a ZIN member, you get continuing education materials each month.  Every other month, you get a CD of music and DVD of choreography that goes along with it.  On the other months, you get a CD of music that you can choreograph your own dances to!  It is GREAT to always have music coming your way!  New music keeps your classes fresh!

Extended Zumba license!  Your Zumba license is only good for one year.  However, if you join ZIN, you get your continuing education there and therefore, your license is good as long as you are a ZIN member.  It is a great way to extend your Zumba license by always learning more!

Why would you NOT want to join ZIN?  Well, honestly, the only reason I can think of is that you won’t teach enough classes to cover the cost.  When I first started teaching, I was only teaching 8 classes a month, and it took 1.5 classes to pay for my ZIN.  So it most definitely ate into my Zumba earnings.  However, the benefits FAR outweigh the cost for me!

My advice would be, however, to wait to join ZIN.  I believe that once you get licensed in Basic Zumba, you have 6 months to join ZIN. I wish I would have waited.  Those first few months, I spent my time learning the stuff Zumba gave me at my training, and I was honestly just overwhelmed by all the material coming at me.  Once I had a couple months of teaching under my belt, I started really finding the ZIN materials to be valuable.  So my advice would be to wait a couple months before joining ZIN.

So that is the Zumba Instructor Network, or ZIN.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment!

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  1. Mohd faris farhan roslan :

    Very interested.

  2. Thank you for your post Brittany. I am now on the road to taking the certification class – researching and figuring out which training to take, etc…..

  3. I did B1 on 3rd and kids and jr on the 4th in Nairobi with Hermann. I wish all Zumba teachers and marketing managers should be open and straight forward like it crearly explains here that its better to wait for the 6 months before joining the ZIN instead of pushing us so hard before we earn a little to avoid straining in finances. Like my case i had to get one ZIN member pay for me and refund her in instalments being not sure if i will afford it next month because its too soon. And am still waiting for the kids choreos as promised because i thought i could learn a few and practise with a few kids who are on long christmas holiday.

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