What is Zumba Like? Zumba 101

What is Zumba like?

So you have seen the infomercials, seen crazy people around town wearing bright colored funky clothes, and maybe you heard the music blaring from the group exercise room at your gym.  And you are wondering…what is Zumba like?

Me teaching at a Zumba Master Class

Zumba, honestly, is like nothing else I have ever experienced.  I know that doesn’t help! ha!  So I will try my hardest to tell you what Zumba is like.

*side note: your first few Zumba classes ARE NOT the “true Zumba experience.”  You will be a bit confused, self-conscious, and you will feel silly.  However, if you stick it out for a few classes, you will catch the spark and most likely experience what I am about to explain.*

Let’s start with what is Zumba? 
Zumba is a dance fitness class.  It has international music, ranging from Latin to Belly Dance, to Reggeaton, Merengue, Samba and more! Zumba isn’t your regular fitness class.  Because of it’s dance base, Zumba feels more fun and less like a workout.  Zumba’s tagline is “Exercise in Disguise!” and it really is!

Ok, so what is Zumba like?

Zumba is like….a party.
For reals.  Zumba classes are full of international music (think the music you would hear at exotic dance clubs in South America, the Carribbean, and all over the world!).  The rhythms are different than anything you hear on a regular basis.  The instructor doesn’t yell at you.  There is no “4 more, 3 more…”  No “Harder, Faster!”   The instructor is just there to show you the moves and motivate you.  The class will most likely be whooping and hollering (in a good way).  The class is just plain fun.

Zumba is like… a full body workout.
Because it is!  You will work your arms, back, abs, legs…everything with Zumba!  I have worn a BodyBugg calorie counter to Zumba before and I burn an average of 500-600 calories in an hour long class!  It really works!

Zumba is like… taking a trip around the world!
Because of all the international music, you don’t feel bored like you might in some other aerobics classes.  Zumba is an escape.

This is one of my favorite videos showing what Zumba is like. This is the creator of Zumba and he takes it slow then shows the party with Zumba toning!  

So that is what Zumba is like.  But me telling you about it doesn’t really do much.  You honestly have to experience it.  So go to zumba.com and click “Find a Class.”  You can enter your city and see what classes are in your area.  Every instructor is different, so if you don’t love the first class you try, try again.  I tell people to find a class they like, then give it 5 tries.  After 5 visits, you will know if the class is a good fit for you.  But I promise you will love Zumba once you see what Zumba is like!  If you are in the Arkansas River Valley area, hit up my classes!

If there are no classes in your area, try out the Zumba video games or DVDS! 

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Have questions about what Zumba is like?  Or share what Zumba is like for you!  Leave comments about your Zumba experience! 


  1. Great post! I recently started going to Zumba while my daughter takes her gymnastics class and I must say now I’m a Zumba addict. I really wish I had time to take more than one class a week. I’m really considering getting certified myself.

    Looking forward to more Zumba posts 🙂


  2. i want to try zumba! but i don’t have a gym membership and not sure if there are any gyms around me that would have zumba classes. but it looks so much fun!

    • Meg- where do you live? I would be happy to look online for a class in your area! Some classes don’t require a membership…you just pay for the classes you take!

  3. I joined a different gym today and went to Zumba tonight! I missed it so! I don’t mind going there at night because it’s 5 minutes from my house. I was impressed by the instructor. She was very pregnant and had no problems keeping up!

  4. Zumba is one of the best workouts! Not only do you zap a bazillion calories, but it’s always a party doing it – especially in Brittney’s classes! Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, give it a shot! And Britt’s right; it takes a few classes to get the hang of it, so give it a couple shots!

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