What is a Zumba Master Class? Zumba 101

If you hang around Zumba circles very long, you may hear the term “Master Class” thrown about.  You are probably wondering what is a Zumba Master Class?

Let me clear up some things.

First off, a Zumba Master Class is really just an “elevated” class.  It might be higher energy, it might be longer, it might feature guest instructors.  Think of it as one step up from a “regular” class.  It is hard to define it for you, because it really depends on each person teaching a Zumba master class.

Any licensed Zumba instructor can teach a master class.  Master classes usually have an additional fee attached to them.  Sometimes they are used for fundraisers ($5 Master Class with proceeds going to the Charity Fund of Blah Blah Blah).

Sometimes master classes focus on a particular skill, meaning a belly dance master class.  Or a salsa master class.

The class really just depends on how the instructor creates it.  The title “master class” just signifies that it is more than your average class.

A Zumba Master Class is super fun (or at least the ones I have been to have been!).  Sometimes they are taught by one instructor, sometimes by multiple.  We recently hosted a Zumba Master Class at our gym and featured a visiting instructor from Tulsa, along with three local instructors.  It was a $10 class.

Participants in our last Zumba Master Class

There is no listing for Zumba Master Classes online, so you will just have to ask around and keep your eyes peeled for posters advertising them.  If you want to have a Zumba Master Class, ask your Zumba instructor.  If they don’t do Master Classes (some people don’t like doing them), then maybe they know of someone who would travel in and hold a Zumba Master Class.

So all in all….a master class is just a little more special Zumba class.  We just give it a fancy name. 🙂

I am available for Master Classes and I will travel!  Just let me know if you want one within driving distance of NW Arkansas!  Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, some parts of Kansas, Tennessee….hit me up, yo!


  1. well, thanks for clearing that up! I really love Zumba, it’s fun, even if I’m super bad at it!

  2. Brittany Jackson :

    Hello Brittney,

    Thank you for creating this post. It is very informative and has a wealth of information.

    My mother and I would like to hold a masterclass because there aren’t very many in the area.

    Would you be willing to speak with us about this? Our biggest concern is adequately paying the instructors, marketing and breaking even.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    Brittany J

  3. Go Razorbacks. And that was helpful, thanks.

  4. Thank you! Going to one tonight. That helped a lot!

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