What is a Zumbathon? Zumba 101

I know I have talked about them before, but I wanted to give a clear explanation answering “What is a Zumbathon?”

A Zumbathon is a Zumba event that is a fundraiser for any number of charitable organizations or causes.

My booty in front a Zumbathon crowd.

A Zumbathon should be hosted by a licensed Zumba istructor, and should be sanctioned by Zumba Fitness (aka if you are a ZIN who wants to host a Zumbathon, get permission first from Zumba legal).  The event can be anything from a regular class where the proceeds go to a cause, or an extended event.

A group of instructors (me in the middle in the grey!) leading a dance at a Zumbathon outside.
Most of the Zumbathons I have been to have been 2-4 hours with proceeds going to various causes like the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Relay for Life, Humane Society, and the local Cancer Support Home.  I have seen Zumbathons for local familes with sick children, or for school fundraisers.
They really can be for anything, and look like anything.  I have seen luau parties where everyone wears grass skirts, to 80s themed Zumbathons, to whatever you can imagine. 
If there is a Zumbathon in your area, I recommend going!  It is so much fun since it is a special event.  Not to mention the fact that you can do some good while having fun!  The last Zumbathon I organized, we raised over $2000 for Relay for Life/American Cancer Society.
Outdoor Zumbathon where it rained…and we danced anyway!

So what is a  Zumbathon?  A fun, fundraiser using Zumba!  Shake it for a good cause!  Or as Zumba says, “Make every move count!”

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We are planning a Zumabthon benefiting the Relay for Life here in Fort Smith on October 26.  Ask me for more details!


  1. Thank you for the information. I am thinking of hosting one soon in my country.

  2. Sarah Zander :

    Hi Brittney!

    I work for the American Cancer Society here in WI and I’m currently working with a Zumba instructor to plan an event like this for Relay For Life. I was wondering if you had any tips or tricks for what you think makes your event so successful. All we’ve done so far is pick a date! I’d love any feedback you might have 🙂

    • Hi Sarah! I think you need to get several instructors involved so they can each bring their people. A FB event that can be shared is important. So is online sign ups, so people can commit ahead of time. We used to do T-shirts, but that got to be too much work. It was also successful to ask relevant vendors to set up tables because they would promote the event. We’ve had like our local fitness nutrition place set up a table, a massage therapist, the local running shoe company….then they would share the event on their pages as well.

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