What My Weight Loss Has Looked Like

What My Weight Loss Has Looked Like

I’ve lost 20 pounds in the last year.

You could say I’ve only lost 20 pounds in the last year. Or you could say Wow! I’ve lost 20 whole pounds in the last year!

I had lost 20 pounds in the year before that (I’m a slow loser, I suppose).

And there was a long period of no change….but I’m losing.

I’m doing things to make change. I’m working on myself.  I’m working out.  I’m making healthy choices (some of the time. more often than not).

Here’s my chart from MyFitnessPal.  Each line is 10 lbs. This is the last year.

2018-10-02 15_55_58-Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal _ MyFitnessPal.com

I’d like to lose another 20 lbs. And I sure wish it would happen faster than the next year, but I’m going to finish. I always quit before I finish.

But this time, it’s been a long process, so it’s become more of a lifestyle than it ever has before. To be really honest.  The slow losing has been annoying, but it’s been helpful because I’ve had to focus on the process and goals there (like getting 16 kickboxing workouts in a month, for example) rather than the pounds lost.

Here’s to seeing that line keep going down! And losing this last 20 pounds, in whatever time frame it takes!

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