What you find when packing…

So I’m in Orlando for Zumba convention.  I wanted to share a couple gems I found when packing.

After my closet meltdown trying to find an outfit for the video…I discovered this is my favorite cut of shirt.  A tank halter. I am taking this top (and those jeans, they’ve since been shortened) along with a maxi dress that are both the same style.  I like my shoulders a lot, and I didn’t know this until I was packing.

And lo and behold, I FOUND MY 2004 HANSON.NET MEMBERS KIT!!!!!  I had to take my wedding video with me to convention (to provide “before” footage of me overweight) so I was getting it out.  While searching through my DVDs, I found this one!

I had searched mom’s house TWICE looking for this DVD (it was the DVD I got when I joined Hanson’s fan club back in 2004). But all along, it was at my house! ha!

I may update while I’m gone…but no promises.  I’ll be back Monday!


  1. I like the halter tanks as well, even though I am self conscious about my arms. I have fat arms in my opinion, but oh well! It’s hot in Louisiana and I don’t like to sweat. I’ve bought two halter tanks this summer – including a dress in that style (that I wore to a wedding) and I wear them alot. Have fun at the conference!!

  2. Your arms look great! I like this cut too, I think it’s a very flattering look for you!

  3. That top looks great on you!

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