What the?

Every so often I like to look at my “stats” in the backend of Blogger.  Most of the time, the search terms I get make sense.  “House Paint Colors”  Welp, I blogged about painting our house.  “Razorback cookies” makes sense because once I made Razorback cookies.  “Dirt bikes” makes sense because Tyler rides them and I blog about that often. Well, one result was super funny (and made no sense) to me!

See the 5th result?  It is tied for 3rd place search term bringing in two visitors this month….

I hate to even type it out, because that only reinforces it as a viable term on my blog.  But we got a good laugh about it when I made this discovery at work. 

PS.  I wouldn’t go searching for it….there are lots of explicit sites that come up for that term.  Not sure how that term relates to my blog…but I think that reinforces that it is time for Tyler and me to shed some pounds! ha!


  1. That is odd!! It makes me want to check mine!

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