What’s in my bag? {Southern Girl Blog Hop}

Today is the Southern Girl Blog Hop!  I’m posting over at  The Fancy Little Things, and Kati from Along for the Ryde is here today!  Kati and I were casual friends in college…but since college we have become good friends through Twitter and blogging! She is the cutest thing…and she has the cutest spunky little boy, Ryder! I’m so excited to share my corner of the web with her today!  Here is Kati…
Hey guys! I’m Kati & I blog over at along for the ryde… I blog about life with my little man, new products I discover, sometimes recipes I try here and there and every once and a while I’ll get crafty, but mainly just life! I love the blogging community & can’t believe I’ve been apart of it for four years now! Thanks for letting me steal your internet space today Brittney! 😉
I am so happy to be partaking in another Southern Girls Blog Hop!  This is our third month and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every month, and reading all the girls different posts!  If you want to join us in the coming months, shoot Abby an e mail at abby{dot}turner7824{at}gmail{dot}com and she’ll fix you up!
Today we’re talking about “What’s in MY bag?!”  It doesn’t matter what type of bag…just any bag!  I thought I would share a few of my favorite make up items that I have just recently added to my make up bag!  Some are old products that I’m just discovering, and just want you to know about their yummy goodness!  All products don’t work out the same for everybody, but these are what have worked for me!

1. I asked for this for Christmas, and am so thankful that Santa pulled through!  I’ve always been on the lookout for a good concealer, and there are good ones out there…but this one is just GREAT!  No other words!  I’ll never go back to using anything else!  I provided y’all with a all natural picture from this morning, with ERASE paste on one one side, and not the other.  You tell me this stuff isn’t amaze-balls!  😉  Found here.
2.  I got my mom a bag of these for her stocking for Christmas, but had never tried them for myself.  She was so excited when she got them and said they were her favorite…and I had no idea!  I bought some one day at Walgreens when they were 3 for $3 because they are usually $2.99 for ONE!  They are literally so smooth and moisturizing and seem to stay on your lips for a long time!  I now have one in my make up bag, backpack and purse!  You won’t find me with out one!  Found here
3.  I recently started highlighting and contouring with my makeup.  I used concealer for my highlighter for a while, and then I discovered this more white highlighter at Target in their e.l.f. section and really happened to like it.  I wish I could buy it without the concealer on the other end…because it’s not my favorite, but I love it for all of $3!  It’s just light enough to highlight the pie pieces under my eyes!  😉 Go getcha some!  Found here.
4.  I’ve always loved this stuff…since high school actually.  I like to put it on over my NIVEA.  It’s the perfect tint and sheen and seems to last a good while.  Even though it’s no fun when the wind blows your hair into it on a windy day.  Boo.  You can buy it at B&BW or also found here.
5.  I’ve always wanted to try these out, but never wanted to pay $15 dollars for one at Walgreens, seemed a BIT redic for a sponge!  Luckily, I finally saw them one day at TJ!  So happy…and the $4.99 price tag made me even happier!  I used it for my foundation for a while, and it seemed to soak more of it up than it actually spread it around smoothly on my face.  Now I use it when blending in my highlighter {from above} and it does just the trick!  Found here.
Hope you’ve enjoyed a little sneak peak inside my make up bag!  Happy Sunday friends!  


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE The post kati!! Thanks Brittney for Hosting!

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