When Someone Disappoints You

When Someone Disappoints You

I won’t go into too much detail, but someone I love recently disappointed me.

They said they were going to do something big to help, and sort of backed out in a roundabout way.

It stinks.  It really stinks.

It stinks to think you could depend on someone, and needed their help, and they backed out.

It stinks to have to scramble to find a solution, since they left me high and dry.

It stinks to sort of feel burned when you’ve asked for help, because it makes you not want to ask again. But our lives are meant to be lived with the help of others…and the disappointment is a part of it, I guess.

So now what?  Well, there’s a local pastor in town who blogs, and I love his blog.  He’s not my pastor, but I agree with most everything he posts. (Side note: he blogs a lot about marriage, sex, special needs parenting, leadership, and more.  Check him out at KevinAThompson.com.)

He wrote a post about overcoming life’s disappointments that I love. He says you have to do three things when you feel disappointed: 1) mourn what was lost, 2) appreciate what you have, 3) prepare for what’s ahead.

So that’s where I am.  I am mourning the rug that was pulled out from under me.  But I think the most powerful thing is appreciating what you have.  While I’m disappointed in this case, there are things surrounding this situation to be thankful for.  There are also external things to be thankful for.  But taking a good look at what’s still good is essential.

And lastly, you still have to prepare.  We still have to find a solution.  It may not look the way we thought (or the way we want), but we have to move forward.

So that’s where I am.  A little disappointed in people, a little sad about what was lost, and trying to remain positive as we plan and prepare despite this disappointment.



And because they say every blog should have a picture, he’s a picture of two creatures who don’t disappoint me. My pups. 🙂  They were adorable sitting together in the bathroom the other morning.



  1. Good Advice!!

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