Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are

At the end of deer season last year, Tyler bought a couple of wildlife cameras. You attach them to a tree and they take picture when movement is detected.  Mostly, it’s pictures of leaves blowing or the neighborhood cat.  But you do get some pictures of the wildlife around.  Right now, we have one camera on the back corner of our property, and one down the street at the farm where he hunts. 
These are some fun pictures he’s gotten so far.
Back in March, we saw a BUNCH of deer feeding at night.
And this fun raccoon who appears to be walking upright. 
Eek!  A coyote!  Where is the roadrunner?  
THE SCARIEST thing yet has to be this bobcat.  It’s BIG.  Compared to other pictures we have on the camera from this angle, Tyler thinks this thing could be 4 feet long. And let me remind you, this is less than a mile from our house at 4 p.m.  I’m rethinking that walk around the neighborhood. 
At the back of our property, we’ve seen a couple bucks.  During the summer, they regrow their horns (did you know that they shed their horns each year?  I didn’t!) We actually saw these two guys in person this weekend while we were switching out the camera cards.  It was neat!  
And this sweet picture is a momma and her baby. I love those spotted fawns.  So sweet.
It’s fun and sort of scary to see what’s running around that we wouldn’t otherwise see!


  1. love this! thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Ok, I have an obsession with raccoons. I think they are the cutest thing ever. I would have died seeing that raccoon on the camera!!

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