White Christmas

I’m doing this a bit backwards.  I’ll post about Christmas Eve when we get back home.  I don’t have the camera cord here at mom’s.
We got to my mom’s late Christmas Eve/early Christmas morning around 1:30 a.m.  We went straight to bed.  Mom’s oven went out this past week, so she had to have it all catered.  Thankfully, that meant we could sleep in since we didn’t have to cook!  So we slept until about 9.  Tyler and I opened our gifts  from mom and dad.  We are so blessed!
Some of my notable gifts include some vintage Fiesta and a BEAUTIFUL metal sign that reads “As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord” to hang outside on our front porch.  Tyler got some neat stuff including some REAL Oakleys and a fun OU dart board!
Then we all got ready for the big family celebration! We had BBQ lunch (including some yummy ribs my brother cooked!) and then opened gifts.
We usually go youngest to oldest… but dad can never wait….so he opens his first! ha!
And then my funny Gram got impatient waiting (she would have been the last to open)…she was cracking us up urging everyone to open faster.
Luke got an ADORABLE hog hat!
And my honey wore his funny hat basically all day! 
And Tyler was on RC car duty making all the kid’s little cars work!
It rained all day here.  It was starting to sleet about 4 p.m…..so we decided to leave and head home.  Well, we got about 20 minutes from Mom’s and we hit ice and snow.  We were going to push through (we had a 4WD vehicle and Tyler knows how to drive in it)…but I was on FB talking to others who had just driven this way….and they were reporting that the road was closed in several spots- meaning they had to detour through even more rural and unfamiliar roads.  One family took 7 hours to make the 2.5 hour drive.  So we turned around and came back.
Mom and I took advantage of the snow and played around in it.  It was pretty funny.  We were in the front yard and noticed a group walking down the street.  We decided to throw snowballs at them (even though we didn’t know who it was).  We grabbed some snowballs and yelled “Merry Christmas” as we chunked the snowballs.  Well, all of a sudden someone goes “Brittney? Is that you?”  I didn’t know who it was…but then they introduced themselves.  It was a friend/ex-boyfriend who lived just down the street…and his whole family.  I mean, we dated in Jr. High/High School…but it was still SUPER funny to run into them there.  After pelting them with snowballs.
We had a good time.

 So I’m supposed to be at work today…but I did some work last night and I’m working at home this morning.  We are going to attempt to go home again today.  Thankful for a good Christmas with family that turned into a White Christmas!


  1. So fun! The snow hit us this afternoon and it still coming down…we are loving it!!

  2. fun! We even got snow in Dallas!

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