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I’m linking up with Jenna’s Journey for a blog commenting challenge!  Basically, you just post about the prompt and then go read and comment on other’s blogs all this week!  Jenna has set a goal of 10 comments a day…and I think I can get that done during my lunch break! 🙂  Because of the challenge, I’ll be double posting a couple days this week…but that’s ok!

So today’s prompt is all about me!  Who am I?
I’m Brittney.  I live in the Arkansas River Valley.  I am originally from central Arkansas, but I’m loving life in the Northwest Corner.  I used to live in NWA for grad school and LOVED it there as well.  I feel like this part of the state is home now. 

Me and my boys!
I live with my husband, Tyler, and our furbaby, Mikey (no kids yet.  Someday.).  Mikey is a handful sometimes, but I love our little family!  Tyler and I have been married 2.5 years. We live in a house we built last year (we just celebrated one year in the house this month!).  We bought 20 acres and built our forever home.  I won’t say “dream home” because it doesn’t look like the extravagant homes on my Pinterest boards…but we love it.  You can see all about our home here.
I work in Digital Marketing.  I am a copywriter for a national moving company.  Basically, I get paid to write about moving and all things related to moving.  All day.  Every day.  And I LOVE it.  I write content so that when you are searching for stuff on Google, you will come across our helpful articles. Like if you search “Cheapest Way to Move Out of State” you will likely find a helpful article that I wrote!  It is a wonderful job that I am so blessed to have!  I am also a Zumba instructor three nights a week and I LOVE that as well. 
Zumba Instructor Brittney. 🙂  I teach 5 classes a week…so its sort of like my part time job after work.
Thanks for stopping by!  I look forward to reading your comments and visiting your blogs! I hope you come back to read more about me this week and happy blog hopping!


  1. Stopping over from the commenting challenge. Nice to “meet” you!

  2. Stopping by from Jenna’s commenting challenge! I’m a dog-mom too! 😉

    I’m also from Texas, but I root for the SEC and the Razorbacks. Shhh, don’t tell anybody!

    Nice to meet you! You have a beautiful smile!

  3. Stopping over form the Commenting challenge. Although, I already followed your blog, I think from Kelly’s Korner. Love reading 🙂

  4. Hello came over from the commenting challenge. I look forward to following your blog. I would LOVE to get into zumba but feel way to uncoordinated and clumsy

    • I tell people that Zumba is a skill…so even if you feel awkward at first, you really will improve! I have some students who couldn’t even clap on beat at first…and now do great! It’s a fun workout! You should give it a try!

  5. Cute dog!! Is that a maltese? I have 2 if so! Stopping by from the commenting challenge! I am also from the SEC, but LSU! Geaux Tigers!

  6. Stopping over from Jenna’s challenge. Teaching Zumba looks like so much fun!! A lot of us ladies here in Nashville are addicted!

  7. Visiting for Jenna’s journey. so good to “meet” you!

  8. Adorable! I love that you are a Zumba instructor and actually post pictures. 🙂 And 20 acres? Wow! Plenty of room to expand to your dream ‘pinterest’ home!

    • I’m a picture posting fool! If you like that, you’ll be right at home here. 🙂 We do have lots of room. Not sure what we will do with our 20 acres (horses, cows, a dirt bike track) but we love our wide open space!

  9. Hi Brittney! I’m stopping by from Jenna’s. Mikey is a cutie! Is he a Maltipoo? I ask because he looks just like my Snowball. Nice meeting you. Blessings, Dani

  10. Hi Brittney! Stopping by from Jenna’s Comment Challenge. 🙂

    I’m from Arkansas too. I live in the central area, but we frequent NWA on occasion. My husband graduated from UofA. Cool to find another Arkansan!


  11. Brittney!
    I have always loved your blog, but I don’t remember if I have commented before. I love it! My husband and I live in NWA and we don’t have kids yet either. I need to start doing Zumba! Keep inspiring me to go to zumba! 🙂 Come see me over at Meredith’s Moments if you want! XOXO!

    • Meredith…your little face in the box looks familiar. So if you haven’t commented, then I noticed you as a follower. But I’m not sure I’ve been to your blog. I’ll have to check it out this evening! Check out a Zumba class! You’ll love it! Until then, my weekly Zumba posts will keep coming your way for some motivation. 🙂

  12. Great jobs!! Super cute fur-baby! I’m popping over from Jenna’s and am glad to meet you! I hope you have a great week, and look forward to learning more about you.

  13. Over from Jenna’s! LOVE Zumba! I take a class 1 night a week and wish I could do more! But with 2 kids its hard! I’m a follower now!

  14. Stopping by from Jenna’s! I have always wanted to try Zumba but never have. Hopefully I will one day!

    • You will LOVE Zumba! If you need some help finding a local class, let me know. I can look up local instructors and classes for any area. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Stopping by from Jenna’s Challenge. Love your blog! Have a great week.

  16. Stopping by! Love reading your blog and catching up!!! Wish you lived closer, so I could attend Zumba!

  17. Stopping by from Jenna’s even though I am a reader! I have really enjoyed reading your blog this past year or so!

  18. Stopping by from Jenna’s! I think it’s so cool that you’re a Zumba instructor!!

  19. Stopping by from Jenna’s! I think it’s so cool that you’re a Zumba instructor!!

  20. Hi! I live in the RV too! 🙂 So fun to find your blog!! 🙂

  21. I’m here from Jenna’s Journey. We’ve been in our “forever home” for one year, too. It’s a good reason to celebrate because building a house isn’t easy.

    • Building a house is NOT easy! My dad is a contracator and he did all the buildilng, but it was still LOTS of work and planning. Glad to be in our forever home! 🙂

  22. Hi! I’m stopping by as part of the challenge as well! Nice to meet you!

  23. Love your blog! 20 acres? That is awesome…and my husband’s dream for us! I still haven’t tried zumba. I have lost about 36 lbs this year, but I am wanting to lose a little bit more before I get brave enough to try! Haha

    • Oh you’ll love Zumba! Check it out! You don’t need to lose more to try…I have people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels come to class. It is a fun way to workout!

  24. Nice Information! I personally really appreciate your article. This is a great website. I will make sure that I stop back again!.

  25. Stopping by from Jenna’s comment challenge. My husband is from Texarakana, AR and was a Razorback in high school, but a TCU Horned Frog in college. We were bummed to see the Razorbacks fall just a little bit short in the College World Series. Nice to “meet” you!

  26. You have a really cute blog!

  27. stopping by from Jenna’s commenting challenge. I love that pic of you doing Zumba! I’m too afraid to try it, even though our gym offers it (and truth be told, I hate working out- ha!). GO HOGS!

  28. Nice blog i like your advice

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