Who is Molech? Reading through the Bible….

So I’m still reading the Bible chronologically.  I am now 15% of the way through.  I finished Job…and thank goodness for a faithful friend, he found the error of his ways and blessed the Lord in his trials. 
I read through Exodus.  I love the redemption story of how God delivered his people.  I love that He also delivers us from our trials and troubles.
Now, on to Leviticus.  Leviticus is a whole other story.  Now, it is the Bible, God’s word. Because of that, I love it. However, it is a funky little book.  It is where God lays out his laws for His people.  And boy, were there lots of them…and very specific ones.  I am reading about how to clean yourself after you touch meat that animals torn, and how to clean mildew from leather garments. All I can say is this….
I am so thankful for Jesus.
I’ve said it before, but I know the end of this story.  I know that my Jesus comes to the rescue.  The whole way through these laws, the people redeem themselves by sacrificing animals that the Bible keeps saying should be “without defect.”  I noticed that theme, so I keep underlining it in my Bible.  A lamb without defect. A goat without defect. A bull without defect.  Perfect animals sacrificed for the sins of the people.
The reason we don’t have to do that anymore is because Jesus was our final sacrifice- He was “without defect.” Jesus died once and for all for everything.
I am SO thankful for that.  I honestly can’t imagine living under these Old Testament laws.  Can’t fathom it.  I am beyond thankful that Jesus came and extended grace and love to us. 
On a lighter note, I have had to look some stuff up.  What is an ephod and why does the priest have to wear one?  
From here.  An ephod is a”vestment” that priests would wear.  Can’t really find a “why” anywhere.
Who is Molech and why can’t you give your kids over to him?  (turns out, Molech was a pagen God who they would light an idol on fire and literally let their kids burn to death.  Good call on not allowing that one, God.)
I’m learning so much! 🙂  
Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. Great post, girl! And yes, isn’t it so good to know how the story ends? All because of Jesus!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend full of fun!

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