Who needs sleep?

Who needs sleep?

Not me. ha!  Totally lying.  I’m tired.

The last several weeks have been the opposite of restful.  (Wait…what is the opposite of restful? Probably restless, but that’s not the right word for my recent life.)

I’ve been up late at Wizard of Oz rehearsal (woohoo…we open tonight!), staying at the hospital late, going there early….not sleeping well after Gram died…

I’m tired.

I don’t regret any of it.  I’m glad I am a part of the Wizard of Oz, but getting home around 11 is hard when I’m usually in bed before 10 (yes, I’m an old lady).  I’m glad I spent that extra time in the hospital with Gram….but it meant not getting a ton of rest.

I did get some Ambien from the doctor to try and help me sleep, but I almost don’t have the time to use it right now! ha!  I’m only getting around 5-6 hours of sleep (all my new-parent friends are laughing, I know…but I’m usually 7-8 hours), and I’m afraid to take the Ambien and not have enough time to sleep it off.

I’m running on caffeine and Jesus. I’ll get a chance to sleep in Saturday – let’s all pray that Tyler’s 3 a.m. alarm DOESN’T wake me up Saturday (yes, he has to get up that early to go to work!).  And the musical is only running for 3 weeks…so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. And we get a few nights off during the run, so Monday when there isn’t a show, you can BET I’ll be asleep by 8 pm, because I can.

But if I don’t appear quite as sharp as usual, or if I’m yawning a lot, or if I opt to nap when I can instead of doing fun stuff, please forgive me.

And check out this Wizard of Oz sneak peak.  Can you spot me in my green Oz dress?



  1. I see you! I see you!

    Some of the most memorable times are the times we don’t get enough sleep 🙂

    Gah, wish I could see this production! It looks so fun!!!!!

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