Whole 30 Update: First Week

Whole 30 Update: First Week

I’ve made it through the first week of the Whole30.

It wasn’t terrible.  The hardest part was staying strong at social events where food was the centerpiece. But I did it.

I have been strict with the food I’m cooking myself…and a little more lenient when eating out (not asking 10000 questions about the cooking oil or whether they used butter).  I just made compliant choices, and if there was a little butter on the veggies it’s ok. I know myself and obsessing is never a healthy option for me.

I didn’t take pictures of every meal, but here are some things I ate:

For starters, coffee is doctored up with coconut milk.  No sugar, no creamer.

A favorite snack I ate a few times last week was berries with unsweetened coconut and nuts.

One night for dinner to-go from the gym to the theater, I packed a snack pack (removed the cheese and ranch dressing) that had almonds and carrots (the broccoli smelled AWFUL and I didn’t eat it) along with some frozen mango I let thaw out.


Saturday morning, I had sauteed spinach (sauteed in coconut oil) and steak. Yum!


Now, they tell you not to weigh on the Whole30, but I can’t help it.  For starters, I keep a rolling average of my weight in the True Weight app- so I like weighing every day or every other day to keep an average.  Second, I know I’m doing well, and it’s motivating.

So how did I do on the first 8 days? I’ve lost 5 pounds so far!  I know some of that is water weight, but I’m feeling good. And I’m looking for more results as I keep going. 🙂  I may do a Whole45 to stretch this out before our vacation.



  1. LOL – I love that picture at the end 😉 Great job! I know how hard it is to stay strong when there’s non-compliant food ALL around you. And the first 10 days or so are definitely the hardest. You’ll feel great during the last half. Have you read about the re-introduction phase? If done properly, it would take you up to about 45 days. Might be a better option than going straight from whole 30 to vacation-eating mode (especially if you eat like I did on vacation!).

    • Thanks, Brianne. I’m feeling better already. Yeah, I’ve been reading about re-introduction because it’s what I’m most interested it- seeing if anything is aggravating to my system. As of today, we are 60 days out…so I’ll see how I feel after 30 days. I have time to do 45 days and then reintroduction and still have a few days to “reset” before vacation. And you better believe I’ll probably do a round of Whole30 when I get back! ha!

  2. Good for you! I pretty much eat Whole30 all the time now except if I travel (or have a week moment) I feel SO much better and it works and I don’t feel deprived! Keep Going!!

    • Thanks for the support, Whitney! I’m feeling better on it. I almost caved last night (there was mac and cheese in my fridge that my mom had brought over!) but I stayed strong. 🙂

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