Why Can’t They See Jesus?

Several months ago, my sweet friend Cristi posted about a book she was reading called “A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days” by Jonathon Bernis.  It intrigued me.  I have Jewish hertiage.  My mother grew up Jewish, and my grandparents on her side were Jewish.  As I read through the Bible, I was interested in learning more about the Jewish people and their faith….so when Cristi posted this book, I asked her about it…and she sent me a copy (because she is so thoughtful like that!).  I’ve slowly been reading through it, trying to digest it and understand it all.

The book is written by a Christian Jew, talking about the Jewish people and their connection to the Bible, how Christians reach them, and how they play into Jesus’ story.  Something I read last night hit me hard.

In the book, he writes about Jewish people, saying, “The fact is that most Jewish people have never read the Scriptures upon which they claim to base their religion and faith. According to recent statistics, only about 10 percent of Jews in America, and a maximum of 20 percent of Jews worldwide have any sort of knowledge of their own Scriptures.”

This is a BIG reason why they don’t see Jesus as their Messiah.  The Old Testament, which are Jewish Scriptures, clearly point to Jesus.  They talk of virgin birth, God’s one unique son, Jesus dying for our sins, and Him coming before the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD.  But they miss all of that.  Because they haven’t read that to see Him.

He goes on, “They reject Yeshua (Jesus) not because they have studied the facts but because they have been told to reject Him by their parents and rabbi.  They do not know why.  They just do as they are told.”

This breaks my heart.  I know that people who have claimed to be Christians have done terrible things to the Jewish people in the past. But Jesus wasn’t the one responsible for that.  Jesus came to fulfill those prophecies and die for our sins – all of our sins!  He even set out a plan to reach the Jewish people with the Gospel! And this book says something I’ve never been told – you can be Jewish AND believe in Jesus!  Being Jewish a heritage, like you can be Irish and a Christian.  You can celebrate all the cultural things that go along with being Jewish, and believe in Jesus.  They aren’t exclusive.

But it isn’t just the Jewish people that miss Jesus.  In fact, I can think of some lost people in my life who are like the Jews- they don’t know the Scriptures and they don’t really know why they don’t believe in Jesus. 

We have to help them understand, show them who Jesus really is, and love them.

I pray that people who have never read a Scripture pointing to Jesus would see Jesus in me.



  1. Great post!

  2. Girl, the statistics in his book were completely astonishing to me. But more importantly, I really felt like Rabbi Bernis, regardless of those sad statistics, still shows us that there is hope. Why? Because so many Jews are returning home. They may give different reasons why they go back, and many of them may not even know why they are feeling the pull to return to Israel… but regardless, they are going home. And they’re doing it in record numbers! This may very well be the “remnant” that we read about in The Word. I don’t know, nor do I have all the answers. But I DO know this… I see Jesus in you! You have an unmistakable glint of trust/hope in Jesus and His love! He shines bright through YOU!

    Within your own extended Jewish family/group of friends… and even in the world… you may just be the one that leads and shows unbelievers that there IS a Messiah… and that He came… and that indeed, He’s coming again! Very soon! He has chosen Israel, his hand-picked people… and He’s chosen us, too! And there is still time to choose Him…

    May we do all that we can to love & reach His chosen people… and the whole world… and tell them of Yeshua’s great love! And more importantly, may they experience Jesus for themselves! <3

    Thank you for writing this post; it blessed and filled my soul… I felt it all the way down in my tippy toes! And then the blessing overflowed and ran down my face in tears! *wink*

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