Why I Love Hanson (aka the blog post I dreamt about)

This may sound crazy, but I dreamt about this blog post. Yup. I don’t really know why, but after dreaming about it, I figured I should write it. I would like to tell you about my favorite band, Hanson, and why their music is so special to me.
I first heard of Hanson because my Aunt Sandy had their CD. She brought it to my house. Sandy was just a few years older than me and I always thought she was cool. I tried to be like her. So naturally, the next time we were at the mall, I HAD to buy the CD at the music store. I loved it. I listened to it all the time. I was in 5th grade in 1997 when it came out. I have such vivid memories of being with my friends listening to their music.
One memory is going to see Titanic in theaters. My mom took me and some friends to see it. On the way there, “Where’s the Love” came on the radio and we sang and danced in the car (who DOESN’T love car dancing?). I hardly remember seeing the movie, but the memory of laughing with my friends to that song will be with my forever.
Another is that we went to Branson several times each summer.  I knew the Hanson CD was 58 minutes long (ha!).  The drive to Branson was 4 hours, so I would listen to it on repeat 4 times and we would be there!
Their Christmas CD, Snowed In, was a staple blaring in our house during Christmas season.
I sort of went on the backburner as a fan for a couple years. I got their CD “3 Car Garage” but wasn’t too crazy. Then I met a friend in Junior High who was also a “fanson” if you will.  🙂 Caitlyn bought me “This Time Around” for my 13th birthday in 2000. Obsession set in.
In 2004 when “Underneath” came out, their song “Penny and Me” was the epitome of a windows-rolled-down-radio-blaring song. Many stressful days after school were spent taking the long drive home and listening to that album.
I went to my first concert in 2004, and then I was really hooked. Seeing Hanson live is so wonderful. I say it’s the closest thing to a spiritual experience outside of church! They are just so passionate about the music and it carries over the crowd.
Hanson in Memphis in 2010.
In college, I met some more Hanson fan friends and my friend Liz and I went to The Walk tour in Austin in 2007. We even took a barefoot walk with them before the concert.
On “The Walk” with Zac (my favorite member of Hanson!)
 Liz and I listened to nothing but Hanson music on the whole 7 hour drive down there and back.
Liz getting her shirt sized by Issac.
I got another friend really into their music and we saw them in 2010 and 2011 in Memphis.
When we got married in 2010, MMMBop was our last dance. It was so fun to swing around the dance floor with the love of my life to the music that always brings a smile to my face.
When I have a bad day at work, turning on their music makes it better. I don’t know what it is. I know Hanson doesn’t do it for everyone. Maybe you have a band whose music just takes you back and makes you happy. But for me, its Hanson.


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