Why I love my FitBit Zip

Why I love my FitBit Zip

Several months ago, we were pawn shopping. Tyler loves pawn shops, and some weekends, we jaunt around town searching for treasures. I noticed a FitBit at one of the stores, and a few weeks later went back and got it.

It purchased a used FitBit Zip and I really like it.

The Zip is the most basic model of the FitBit devices, but you might like to have something to track your activity. Here are some pros and cons.


It counts your steps so you can track sis active you’ve been.
It syncs with other apps I use (MyFitnessPal, GymPact).
It translates (roughly) my activity into miles traveled and calories burned.
I have many friends who also have FitBits and we are connected. I can compete with them to be more active.
It works with my iPhone 5 (but not a 4 or Tyler’s old iPad).
It is small. I can clip it on my pants or in the middle of my bra.

It doesn’t take intensity into account. 2000 steps of walking are the same as 2000 steps of running up a hill (which would burn more calories because of the intensity.) This means its not a great tool for determining your calorie needs.
It doesn’t track stationary activity. When I stand still and lift weights, it registers. nothing. It only counts steps.
It doesn’t take stride length into account. When I walk 2 miles at the park, it is only converting my steps into a distance…so it’s doesn’t always show the same distance I’ve traveled.
Because its tiny, I’ve almost setting though the washer several times when it stays clipped on my clothing. Oops.

However, it’s ideal for me. I have a goal for 10,000 steps each day…and this helps me see when I’ve been active enough to reach that. If I do some stationary stuff (like some weights or something) I just take note of the activity. It also helps motivate me to compete with my friends. It’s great accountability. I like it.

Do you use any sort if fitness device? What do you use?


  1. I got a Fitbit pro wrist bracelet thingy for Christmas. I wore it a week and…. well, that was it. Ha! What can I say? It’s black and doesn’t match all my outfits? LOL

  2. I’ve been really curious about the FitBits!! I didn’t realize they had the clip-on ones like this. I used to have a pedometer (several times, actually, but they all meet the same fate) and inevitably I’m pulling off my pants to go potty and it snaps off and crashes to its death on the bathroom floor. Annoying! I think I’d like the bracelet kind better, but like Cristi above…I’m just vain enough that it might bother me if it totally clashed with my outfit!! But I really want to get something!! Hmm…

  3. I use a polar watch and heart rate band sometime because I’m overly addicted to calories in and calories out. lol We almost bought the new Fitbit bands for Christmas then the boyfriend decided he didn’t think they were accurate enough. lol

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