Wild Things Farm- Pumpkin Patch

Wild Things Farm- Pumpkin Patch

Sunday while the family was in town, we trekked to the next town over in Poccola, OK to Wild Things Farm.  I’ve heard about this place every season.  They offer Christmas lights, picking berries, and in the fall, a pumpkin patch.  Our visit was super fun for me, mom, and the kids!
We arrived at Wild Things around noon and purchased wrist bands that covered most of the activities (including milking a fake cow!). I wasn’t very good at the milking, but mom was!
We started in the petting zoo seeing the animals. There were adorable goats and messy pigs. Once we got our fill of animals, we took a hayride across the field to the mud slide and corn maze! It was a muddy day, but nothing some tennis shoes, muck boots, and a hay ride couldn’t tear through.
It was a beautiful fall day.  Plenty of sunshine!
 The tractor dropped us on at a big slide.  You climbed up the hill, were handed a sack, and slid down on a big slide.
The mud slide was AWESOME.  A big pile of dirt you slid down on a burlap sack. What more do you want?
After the slide, we ventured over to the corn maze.
The corn maze was fun, until we got lost and spend about 20 minutes more than we wanted in there.
I’ll tell you this: directionally challenged folks beware.  I could have wandered the maze all day and never found the exit.
Once we finished the corn maze, we took another tractor ride over to the pumpkin fields where we all picked pumpkins! They were the perfect size for painting.  Bigger pumpkins for carving (or pretty decorative pumpkins) were available for purchase at the farm store.
The day also included fun like a corn cannon.  Yes, a corn cannon. It was a little extra (like a few bucks), but I got to shoot a corn cannon! It used an air pressure cannon to shoot corn ears at a bullseye!  They also had pony rides and a kids area for a small extra fee.  The kids and I LOVED this place!
We came home and painted our pumpkins to round out a super fun fall day.


  1. Love the “Wild Things Farm”! You look like your mama!! So pretty!

  2. You and your Mama are the CUTEST!!! Looks like fun!

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