WILW and OHP: Encouragement Edition

Today I’m loving some encouraging things.  Some verses, videos, stories, and more!

I’m TOTALLY loving this song from Nichole Nordeman- “Every Season.”  I adore her music, but this song is so great.  I chose a video with the lyrics (also in Spanish?) so enjoy this 4 minute blessing. 

I’m loving this video. If you haven’t seen this video…watch it.  Cute and inspiring.

I’m also loving my church’s 30 day reading plan. They did a push in the new year to get into the word, and they gave a great 30 day reading plan.  I’m currently reading through the Bible, but I this plan saved for when I’m done.  If you want to hear some podcasts about how to study the Bible, check out our sermon’s here. They have been SUPER helpful! (Any of them in the “God’s Word Center Stage” series would be about putting God’s word in the center of your life).

And I’m loving these pins:

Still think the Old Testament is boring? All of these truths come from there!

What are you loving today?


  1. I’m loving the pep talk video! Ha! I just emailed it to my husband! “Not cool Robert Frost.” Yes, I DIE! LOL

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