WILW and OHP: My Randomness

I’m linking up with The Vintage Apple and This Kind of Love for Oh, How Pinteresting and What I’m Loving Wednesday.

Random things this week….

I’m loving…. the long weekend ahead!  We don’t have a ton of full plans, but some fun things and some relaxation planned.  Can’t wait!

I’m loving…the sweet compliment I got at Zumba last night.   A student told me I was “always on” and that she never knew if I had a bad day!  I told her that was HUGE to me because I try so hard to be encouraging and exciting there.

I’m loving…GeoGuessr.  It is an awesome game where you get a Google Maps place, and you have to guess where it is.  A fun, educational time waster!

And I’m loving some fan club music from Hanson I’ve been buying and downloading.  I pink puffy heart love this song. (also the pic in the video is my fave.  I love short hair Zac best)

And now for some pins…

I love these Hanson Anthem nails! They feature the three little logos on Hansons’ new album (out June 18!)

I love this workout tank. I need it in my life.

I love this. I know the “Pin it” blocks it, but it says “I’m not wearing this dress to look pretty. It’s effing hot outside and I didn’t want to wear any pants.” Amen.

And this. I love this.

Happy Wednesday y’all! What are you loving today?


  1. That ecard could not be more perfect. It describes my every day morning routine. It’s either a dress or sweat in pants. No thank you!

    & I’ve been dying to try out Zumba. I’m a little scared to get started because I dont’ want to look like a total dork but it’s definitely something I’m pushing myself to do soon.

    • Oh Stephanie- give Zumba a shot. Your first several times, you will feel awkward….but you will probably love it once you get the hang of it!

      And YES to the dresses. I live in them.

  2. I LOVE all your pins but I HATE the GeoGuesser game because I never guess right and it makes me SO mad!!! Ha ha! I end up feeling like a big ole dufus!

    Have a fabulous day!!!

  3. Short hair Zac. Swoonnnn

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