WILW and OHP: Quilting and Weight Watchers Edition

So I joined Weight Watchers last week.

I had mixed feelings about it.  I think you can depend on the WW system too much and never learn proper nutrition for when you get off the program.  But, I felt like I knew enough about eating right, just wanted a new way of looking at things..so I signed up for the 3 month trial.  So I’m pinning lots of WW related things.

I’m also loving some quilting stuff this week.  I’m inbetween quilting projects, so I’m loving this inspiration!

I’m loving that Diary of a Quilter is doing a quilt along!

I ADORE these blocks.  I have some funky fabric…so I may need to buy a solid and get to work!

Source: flickr.com via April on Pinterest

I LOVE this simple chevron quilt!

And now for some WW stuff…

This mongolian beef looks so good!

And this Autumn veggie soup looks divine! Adding this to our menu soon!

What are you loving this week?


  1. I love the quilts you posted on here, they are beautiful! I just never really have gotten into sewing or quilting, but I wish I could!! Also, yay for WW. I will probably be joining once I have Lilly to help lose the baby weight. I have done WW before and it is a great program. As long as you know what’s healthy beforehand and can keep that in mind (you will) you will be great!

  2. That chevron quilt is way cute!!! Quilting/sewing/anything related to that is an area I am not gifted in! I think it may have something to do with my lack of patience? Hahahaha!!!

    Have a great day!

  3. Loving the chevron quilt. Ill be interested to see how Weight Watchers works for you!

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