WILW and OHP: Stuff I Want

Today my WILW and Oh, How Pinteresting is featuring stuff I want!

For starters, I was coveting wanting a Tory Burch bag. I bought a fake in NYC…and we never made it to the store in Vegas (or I would have bought one for myself). Well, mom’s in Vegas this week and she texted me this pic….this beauty is MINE! (Thanks Mom!)

I’m ABSOLUTELY loving that Taylor, Kristin, and I are going to HANSON DAY in May!  It’s a weekend full of fun activities in Tulsa.  A Hanson documentary, a bowling tournament, and a concert!  I have been wanting to go for years…and last night we got everything all registered!  We are going to Hanson Day!

And for a couple pins I’m loving (and wanting).
A monogram pullover.  I am always cold at home…and I REALLY want a monogram pullover!  For home, for spring days, for life….I need it. 
I’m also loving that my one box of Girl Scout Samoas should be in today. I ordered one box at work. And I will attempt to eat one serving each day until they are gone. Lucky for me, Tyler doesn’t like Samoas…but they are my favorite. 🙂
What are you loving today? Did you order any Girl Scout cookies?


  1. I like the monogram pullover. Both of my girls are Girl Scouts so we have an abundance of cookies right now. I’m in big trouble. 🙂

  2. Love samoas!! and girl scout cookies in general!


  4. Love the jacket. I also love the Girl Scout cookies. I still have a box in my work desk from last year so I didn’t order any this year.

  5. Love the monogram pullover! I would wear it every day

  6. Hanson Day is going to be LEGEND… wait for it …DARY! Love that monogram pullover. I get my GS cookies this weeknd! I am a Thin Mint girl!

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