WILW and Weight Loss Wednesday!

I am loving lots of things…and I’m wanting to update on my weight loss…so I’m doing both of these today!  Who says you have to have one meme a day? 🙂
So, first off…WILW.
I’m loving this adorable cape I got from Rue La La!  It should be on my doorstep today!  I’ve never really tried on a cape, so I hope its cute on (but if not, I can return it).
I’m loving grilled veggies.  I broke out the George Foreman Grill (or GFG as we call it at our house) and grilled some zucchini the other night.  YUM.  And for dinner tonight, I am making spaghetti and putting some grilled eggplant in the sauce.  So delish!
I’m loving that OBU’s Homecoming is this weekend!  We didn’t get to go last fall, but we are headed down for all the festivities this weekend!  There will be OctTigerFest (a big alumni gathering for all the clubs and sororities and fraternities), hanging out with friends, football, and TIGER TUNES (a HUGE show put on by all the clubs…I’ve talked about it before).  CAN NOT WAIT.  OBU always feels like home, and it will most definitely do my heart some good to be back on campus with my friends.
I’m loving Zumba!  I have been learning some fun new Zumba songs this week-one about a Matador, an Adele song, and a sexy bachata….and the new stuff is really fun!  I’m just praying that I get more people to my new Wednesday night class.  I love that gym and want to continue teaching there, but I need a class in order to teach!  Last week I had one lady, and tonight I’m praying for at least 3!  We’ll see!
I’m loving being on the downward slope with my weight!  I know that since I started beefing up my workouts several months ago and adding in weights, that my muscles would be growing.  It has been over a year to a year and a half since I did weights.  I knew I would have to gain muscle first…which would mean the scale going up.  And up it went.  It was quite discouraging to work so hard eating well and working out, and watching the scale climb.  But PRAISE THE LORD I am down 5 pounds!  I hadn’t weighed myself in a while, but I am 5 pounds less than the last time I weighed!  Woohoo!  
Because of the little spike from muscle growth, I have about 20 pounds to lose from where I currently am.  I have a goal to be another 5 pounds down by the end of the month…and 15-20 pounds total by Thanksgiving.  I can totally do it!  I’ve been getting up early and walking 15-20 minutes (about 1 mile) on the treadmill. This not only starts my metabolism early, but it makes me feel GREAT during the day.  I have tons of energy and don’t need a cup of coffee in the afternoon to get a “pick me up.”  I have also added that third Zumba class I’m teaching.  So for me, that means my workout week looks like this:  Monday- walk/run/abs 30 minutes before Bible Study (hopefully at the new gym I’m working at…as long as I teach there I can work out there), Tuesday-weight class and Zumba, Wednesday-Zumba, Thursday-weight class and Zumba, Friday- rest, Saturday- when I’m in town I go to Zumba class at the new gym (again, as long as I’m teaching there), and Sunday-rest.  And I’m walking in the mornings 2-4 mornings a week.  Pretty solid.  That weight should melt right off me!  Here is to hard work and seeing results! 🙂


  1. WAY TO GO!!!! =)

  2. ooh girl i am excited for this weekend also!! it’s my brother’s first tiger tunes performance. he’s a beta.

    i love arkadelphia and the nostalgic feeling that comes with it.
    Maybe i’ll see ya this weekend.

  3. That cape is adorable. I love it!

  4. stopping by from wilw… congrats on the weight loss! i totally understand the battle… ive lost a little over 20 lbs this year… and hit a plateau and have had a hard time since… im trying to get back with it now. and that cape is adorable!

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