WILW: Birchbox Samples, Goodies, and More!

Before I get started, one quick thing:  Anyone in NWA/River Valley/Hot Springs want to buy the black Ballard Designs step stool?  It was too tall for our bathtub (what I bought it for)…so I’m trying to sell it before I pay return shipping on it.  $99 (what I paid)….I can deliver it to NWA/River Valley/ or Hot Springs…or for $15 ship it to you wherever you are. Let me know! 🙂

Now on to what I’m loving this Wednesday…
So, I have found an easy way to get a little beauty pick-me-up every month.  It is called Birchbox.

I hadn’t heard of Birchbox until I read about it on another blog…so I wanted to share it here.
Birchbox is ” the best way to discover new grooming, beauty and lifestyle
products. Sample top products from high-end brands, get expert advice,
buy new favorites and earn points with every purchase.”
With Birchbox, you sign up for boxes.  They are $10 a month….or a whole year for $110 (that’s a free month!).  Then, every month, they send you a cute little box full of goodies!
You fill out a profile, so they send samples that are customized to you.  Every month, there is usually a full-size product in the box, so it makes it TOTALLY worth it.  I mean, I used to drop in Ulta or shop around Walgreens and buy beauty products all the time.  Now I just wait for my Birchbox and I have all these fun things to play with.  Some samples, some travel sizes, some full size.  Always fun! I got a great liquid bronzer this summer (full size), an awesome eyeliner (full size), a sample of some shampoo and conditioner that I LOVE (and will be buying soon). 
Let’s look at this month’s Birchbox!
This months: shampoo and conditioner sample, perfume sample, hair volumizer (the yellow spray bottle in the bottom R), a sample of BB cream (that I liked so much I purchased a full size!), a nailpolish, a trendy hair tie, and a mini-magazine full of fall trends.
Here is another cool perk…if you like a product and want to buy more of it, if you buy it through Birchbox, you earn points.  And then the points are used for discounts!  I’m saving my points to buy something fun.  Maybe a product for me, or maybe a gift subscription for a friend! 
You can sign up here.  (Honesty time.  If I made you want to check out Birchbox and you use my link, I will get points if you sign up through my link.  But you like me, right?  You are just helping me earn points! So thanks!) 
Birchbox is awesome for my beauty routine.  It helps mix it up, show me new products, and have a little fun with some neat stuff!


  1. I love my Birchbox. But, I am so disappointed in the nail polish – it chips SUPER quickly!!! But i love testing new products!!

  2. New reader, first time commenter! I signed up for Birchbox this month, and got it yesterday! I love some of the stuff that was included in mine! I got the nail polish and hair tie – same as you’ve pictured – but I also got a sample perfume and moisturizer/foundation. I’m very happy with this month’s box!

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