WILW: Favorite Food Finds

This week, for What I’m Loving Wednesday, I thought I would share some foods that I’m loving.

I like to order some food online…stuff we can’t get at our local stores.  Maybe you can get it at your stores, but while my town is the second largest in AR, we only have Walmarts, Targets, and some local grocery chains.  Nothing crazy.

So I order some stuff online, and I also buy some obscure stuff.  I LOVE these products and wanted to share them with you because when I have people over and they use this stuff, they always LOVE it…but they have never heard of it.
First is Peanut Butter & Co Peanut Butters. 
Our local Walmart carries the White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Honey, and regular.  My husband LOVES the Dark Chocolate.  He puts it on everything.  I like the white chocolate in PBJ sammies.
I also order the Mighty Maple and Cinnamon Raisin Swirl.  I LOVE the maple on waffles and with bananas.  The cinnamon raisin is amazing on graham crackers, with apples, and in oatmeal.  If you follow them on Facebook, you will find out about specials or free shipping.  I just order during those times and stock up!
You can buy it here.
Another of my favorite products to order is Green Giant Carrot Crisps.
I found them once at Sam’s, but they were seasonal (meaning never to return to Sam’s ever again).  I buy them now from Amazon here.  They are little snack packs of dehyrdated carrot chips.  They aren’t very good alone, but they are AMAZING with dips.  Guacamole, salsa, ranch dip…any dip. 
I also LOVE Biscoff spread.  
I am able to get this at our Walmart by the peanut butters.  This stuff is delicious.  If you like the Biscoff cookies you get on airplanes, this is like spreadable cookies.  Cookie butter, if you will.  How do I eat it.  Every way.  I mix it in oatmeal (cookies for breakfast!).  I put it on graham crackers for dessert.  I mix it in plain yogurt (cookie yogurt!).  I eat it by the spoonful.  Its awesome.  It has the same calorie content as peanut butter, so you just use it like that.  Its AWESOME.
So those are a few food items that are a little more unique that I wanted to share with you.  What unique food items do you like (diet or otherwise)? Share them with me!


  1. That White Chocolate peanut butter sounds like something I must try. Thanks for sharing!

    Mandi @ theSassyFitMom

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