WILW: Food, Fashion, and Fun

Today’s WILW is brought to you by the letter F: Food, Fashion, and Fun!

Food: I’m loving some recipes I have recently found on Pinterest.

“World’s Best Chicken”  We call it Maple Mustard Chicken at our house.  It really is delish.  We love it.

I am also loving my Torani Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie syrup.  I can make a delish cup of coffee in the morning that is almost as good as Starbucks!  Yum!  My drive to work got exponentially better while drinking my wonderful cup of joe.

Fashion: I’m loving this Max and Cleo dress I got a month or so ago on Rue La La.  I’m wearing it today.  SOO comfy and cute!  And it was a great deal, too!  Get thee to Rue La La and shop for some great deals!

I’m loving that I won some boots in a giveaway over at Fancy Pants Foodie sponsored by Country Outfitters.

At first, I wanted to get some with leopard print…but I realized that wasn’t super practical since I wouldn’t wear them as much.  So I am going for a neutral. I am torn between these two pair:

Fun: Hanson covers Taylor Swift when in Austrailia a few weeks ago:

And lastly, I’m going to a paint studio here for a party at the end of the month.  I think I will use this for my inspiration…

Source: etsy.com via Brittney on Pinterest

What are you loving today?  Happy Wednesday!!


  1. If your painting party is at Cross My Art, it is soooo much fun! We went a couple of weeks ago and I’m dying to go back again!

  2. oh I think we are going to be best friends for life now that I found out you like Hanson! I love them! (Kristin at Perks of Being A Mrs does too)

    • Oh Hanson is my FAVORITE! That is one of the reasons Kristin and I became buds! They come to Tulsa and Memphis a lot (I’ve seen them both places) so we need a road trip next year when they tour! I’m thinking of joining the fan club so I can go to Hanson day in Tulsa! I live just 2 hours from there…I think we could have a sleepover at my place and then go to Hanson Day. 🙂

  3. Hanson was on repeat at my house growing up. And I can’t lie.. I still listen to them. Definitely looking up that chicken recipe.. if it can look good with raw chicken, I can only imagine what it’s like cooked! 🙂


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