WILW: Pinterest Edition

Here are some Pinterest finds that I’m loving this week!

I love this saying!  I get up at 4:30 a few times a week to do workouts in the mornings.  I’m not crazy, I’m dedicated!

This monochromatic quilt scheme is beautiful!  I’m in love.  If I ever finish the quilts I have backed up (hopefully by Christmas!.They are gifts!) then I will have to make one of these for myself! I LOVE it!

I already asked for a necklace like #1 for Christmas.  Tyler has the link to buy it in his inbox.  He better deliver! 🙂

I LOVE these stepstools.  I am needed a step to come out of our bathtub…and I think I might order one of these from Ballard Designs.

So…..those are a few things I’m loving this Wednesday!  Do you Pinterest?  Follow me!  I’m not uber-active…I mean, I maybe pin one night a week.  But I love looking at stuff! 


  1. Ok, so I’m stalking you on your blog and myfitnesspal and now pinterest. Ha!

  2. I love all these! Especially the quote since I really need motivation right now. 🙂

    Found you on the WILW link up, and I’m now following!

    I’m having a giveaway on my blog if you’re interested 🙂

  3. Following you on Pinterest now, girly! We have alot of the same tastes!

    That necklace is gorgeous! And I may need one of those stools for my kitchen, because I can’t reach half of my cabinets!

  4. Visiting from WILW! I wish I could get your morning work out motivivation! I make myself get up at 5:30 once a week and that’s bad enough!


  5. Love everything!!! Especially that quote at the top…*conviction* Thanks!

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Love all of your pins!! I especially live the step stools from Ballard Designs!! I had been needing one and that one is too cute!! Love your blog…newest follower!!

  7. I have the necklace pinned too! We like a lot of the same things. Thanks for following me on Pinterest too! I will be sure I am following you!

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