Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

There’s a place in town called the Christmas Winter Wonderland. We had never been and, to be honest, it was sort of a toss up whether it would be lame or cool.

Remi LOVED it. It was just wall to wall (in multiple rooms) of Christmas decorations. So much stuff everywhere. But it was magical for her. They had Santa, Anna, Elsa. Olaf, Rudolph, Frosty, Belle and a prince, and Mrs. Clause. And a train. And cookies. So yeah, she was in it.

When we were going in, she saw her friend Lyla from school! The girls were shy to take a picture, but with some help from the dads, we got them together. ha!


We’ve been watching the old Frosty and Rudolph movies, so she was pretty excited to see them! They were all over the place, interacting with the kids, so she got plenty of face time with them.


They had a little train that took you through the Christmas tree forest. A train is always fun!


She’s learning about baby Jesus and was happy to see him (me too!)


This was the view from upstairs. Just Christmas, everywhere!

There were these fun dancing penguins and she thought they were so neat!


And then she did PLENTY of dancing herself. Dancing queen!


We circled back to Santa’s room to play some games. Silly girl!


There was a little snowball game that she thought was fun. Just tossing (or in her case, placing them) in the buckets. She also got to make an ornament, which was fun, too.

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