WIW and Other News

Let’s start with my Weigh in Wednesday.  Not ideal.  I mean, last week I dropped the big pounds…and then had an off weekend.  Lots of carbs, lots of eating out.  Lots of sodium and water weight.  My body fat percentage didn’t change, but my weight did.

Starting Week: 178
Last week: 172.6
This week: 173.6

So +1.  Not terrible.  I have faith I’ll be down under the 172.6 mark next week.  I’m putting in the work. That number isn’t everything. 🙂  This week I’ve done an extra workout Monday, and I’m going to work out Friday morning, and run/walk a 5k Saturday!  Lots of good stuff going!

And speaking of putting in the work… Monday, Tyler came to Aqua Zumba with me.  He LOVED it.  In fact, he went back last night while I was teaching regular Zumba! ha!  Maybe he will catch the Zumba bug after all!

And check out this awesome picture from Color Me Rad that we bought. I just love it!

I hope you have a great Wednesday!  Halfway to the weekend! 🙂


  1. What is aqua zumba? I am intrigued!

  2. Oh I have to know what is Aqua Zumba? Sounds so fun!

  3. i did the color run, too. it was so much fun.

    a family that zumbas together, stays together. lol
    happy hump day!

    • Aw I wish I would have run into you! I saw a bunch of people I knew from Hot Springs there. And yes to the Zumba family! I think I’ll crochet that on a pillow or something. lol

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