For starters, after a not-so-stellar week on, I’m happy to report that I’m only down .1 pounds.  Nothing miraculous, but last week was CRAZY busy with lots of eating out.  So today’s weigh in:
SW: 178
Last week: 173.6
This week: 173.5

Honestly, these next two weeks are crazy as well.  Not that that’s a valid excuse.  I’ve lost weight before during crazy times.  However, I’m choosing not to stress myself out too much by adding tons of pressure.  I’m hoping to get through these next two weeks making  good(ish) choices and hit it hard in July.  July is much more calm for me. I’m going to kick butt when I get back into my normal groove.On a non-scale related victory…I’m back into some pants that were too snug a couple weeks ago.  Glad to have my navy skinny pants back in my wearable wardrobe. 🙂

Now onto some things I’m loving this week….

Linking up with What I’m Loving Wednesday and Oh, How Pinteresting!

I’m loving listening to Radio Lab podcasts. They are so entertaining, informative and interesting. This one brought me to tears about a baby fighting for her life.

I’m loving TJ Maxx!  I got some SUPER cute clothes there for upcoming things (wedding, concert, etc.).  Just call me a Maxxinista!

I’m loving that last night I had dinner with some fun local blogger friends.  Shout out to Gwen, Sarah, Jen and Brockette!

And now for some pins I’m loving… We LOVE the lobster pizza from Red Lobster. I can’t wait to try it at home!

I saw this, which goes along great with yesterday’s post. 🙂

And I can’t wait to try these shoelace tricks with my running shoes!

What are you loving today?


  1. hey at least you’re going in the right direction! I need to work out loose some lbs but i’m totally not motivated to.

    Trish @ tales from …

  2. awesome.. checking out the shoelace tie!

  3. Congrats. Down to 1 pounds is still a progress!


  4. Keep up the good run! I didn’t know that Red Lobster had Lobster Pizza!

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