Wizard of Oz: A Comedy

Wizard of Oz: A Comedy

We have three more shows this weekend: on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  We’ve had a great run.  Only one show had some mishaps (forgotten lines, tech issues, set problem)…but was still good.  I don’t know that anyone noticed the issues for that show.  But…that show happened after our day off last week.

So in order to thwart any theater gremlins that may try to attack after our 3 day break, we had a rehearsal last night.  The goal was to double-time lines just to run them, run songs and dances, and move all the props/set around.


I got to read for the witch since ours was sick.  I’m not very wicked.  But I read from my seat while our assistant stage manager did the staging.  Too funny.

The main cast put on funny costumes: foil for the Tin Man (who kept asking for his foil can), an Elton John munchkin hat for the Scarecrow, and Dorothy had a plastic lobster for Toto.


We just cracked up all night.

These people have been a gift to work with and get to know.  I sort of thought this would be my one-and-done experience with community theater to try it out….but I’ve really enjoyed it.  While it’s been hectic during this season of life, and I’ve missed being home in the evenings….it’s been so worth it for this wonderful experience we’ve had together.

I’m glad we have three shows left.  I mean that as “I’m glad we get to do this three more times” AND “I’m glad we are done after three more shows.”  It’s bittersweet.  We’ve created something special for sure.

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