Women Bloggers Ornament Exchange

Women Bloggers Ornament Exchange

One of my favorite parts of Christmastime is the ornament exchange with The Women Bloggers.  It used to be just with the Arkansas Women Bloggers, but I think this year they opened it up to all members in all states.

I made ornaments with battery-operated tea lights and sent them to Jodi Coffee.


And I got these SUPER cute cookie cutter ornaments from Courtney.  She took cookie cutters and tied fun stuff on them for hangers.  One had an adorable twine bow…. (you can see an ornament from the past exchange below- the crocheted tree!)


And this one felt like southern flair with a bandana tied on. I love how the lights from the tree twinkle on the metal of the cookie cutters! (and another past exchange ornament in the corner- the spool snowman!).img_1393

She also sent me some chocolate – a great gift for anyone! But this new mama REALLY loved getting some sweet treats. And some hand sanitizer (a must during sick season with a new baby!) and some CUTE nail polish that makes my toes look very festive.

I love being a part of this community and this fun tradition!



  1. You gave (and got) such cute ornaments! I participated a couple of years ago.. since I’ve been at school I can’t trust myself. Maybe next year!

    • It’s such a fun tradition! Hopefully you can jump back in next year! Some people do such elaborate crafts. I’m more easy DIY. I love participating every year!

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