Words of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation

One of my love languages is words of affirmation.  I love to hear how you feel about me.  Calling me your “best friend” or telling me something I do well makes me feel appreciated.
I know this is HUGE in my relationships, but I only recently started to value positive affirmations in my weight loss/body acceptance/happiness/peace journey.
I have tried to stop myself when I feel critical.  Instead of saying “Ugh…my huge thighs don’t fit into these jeans.  I’m just too fat to buy clothes in this store.”…I’ve started saying “These jeans don’t fit.  They aren’t flattering but I’ll find a better pair somewhere else.”  Just spinning the negative.
I am also trying to be kind to myself.  When I notice a positive change “Oooh my arms are looking a little slimmer.  They look stronger.  Those tricep pushups in Piyo are making a difference”  I allow myself to relish that.  I want to swim in those positive thoughts.
Because you know what?  I’m the only one talking badly about my body.  No one else cares.  No one else looks at me and thinks “ugh…those big fat ugly arms…she should NEVER wear a tank top.  I’m offended at her fat arms in her sleeveless shirt.”  No one sees me in shorts and loses their appetite.  It’s just me.  So I’m working to change that mindset.
I laughed when I got an Amazon order in.  I ordered hair gel for Tyler (of all things) and it came in this cute little makeup pouch.  “You look skinny today.”  Why thanks, Paul Mitchell makeup pouch, I think so too.


  1. Oh, that pouch is too funny!!! You make such good points here…I get into such a trap of saying mean things to myself…it’s hard to get out of it!!

  2. haha! You getting that little bag in the mail came at the perfec time, didn’t it? I’m so guilty of doing the same thing. I’m always saying horrible things about my body and even though i’m losing inches and looking better, I still feel like it’s never good enough. Oh, to be a woman!

  3. This was a great post and I think you make excellent points. It’s so easy to take some compliments over others in ever day life. It’s sometimes hard to accept compliments that you don’t believe yourself. It’s so easy to say thanks, but I don’t think so. We have to take out what we think and focus on what the person who gave the compliment thinks. Great blog!


  5. I was just telling a friend that when I lived in LA I weighed 130 and was told I was fat. Then when I lived in San Francisco (after a kiddo) I was at 140 and I was told I was fat. Now I weigh more and am probably told I’m fat… the thing is that why did I EVER listen to anyone else and then repeat that in my head. I’m a little sad I listened because darn it I looked great and you do too!

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